Eder Lopez
Vice President of the 501c3 Nonprofit, Animal Alliance Network
Career Activist and Voice for the Voiceless

Eder was born in Pomona, California. He is currently a manager at a contracting company. He is also a career activist and attends several events for many different groups every week and is the Vice President of the 501c3 nonprofit Animal Alliance Network.

Eder stumbled upon slaughterhouse footage on Instagram and YouTube, and he had never seen anything like them before. He thought he was an animal lover beforehand but realized he could not be an animal lover and buy products that caused their death. He also learned that eating animals was not only adverse to our health as human beings but awful for our planet’s ecosystems.

He decided to change his life so his actions and beliefs were aligned. He transitioned to a vegan lifestyle on December 11th, 2016 and it was the best decision he has ever made. He went from eating meat and animal products multiple times per day for 31 years, to being a vegan activist who helps organize animal rights events. He co-organizes pig and cow vigils weekly for Los Angeles Animal Save and Animal Alliance Network, he participates in Cubes of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless weekly, and he attends various animal rights protests whenever possible.

He believes that wearing apparel with animal rights and pro vegan messages printed on them and using social media to promote veganism furthers the movement to liberate animals and cease their slaughter. His life goal is to help make Animal Liberation a reality by working together with other activists and activist groups as a united front for change. He believes being a vegan activist is the least he can do for the animals.