Kshitij Saste

Kshitij Saste grew up in New Jersey and moved to LA in August 2019. He went vegetarian for three years prior to moving to CA once one of his friends told him how bad it was to hurt and kill animals. Initially he struggled to stick to vegetarianism but in January 2019 he decided to fully commit to it. He knew eggs and milk were harmful but he did not know why yet. He ended up going vegan once moving to California for minimalism and health reasons.

Later that November 2019, he saw Dominion and watched slaughterhouse footage for the first time. He was shocked to see so much preventable suffering done to innocent beings as he now knew people did not need animal products to survive. He realized veganism is more than just than a diet and started going to sanctuaries and vigils since then.

In his activism, he hopes that people will realize that the differences between animals and humans are trivial compared to things that unite us like the ability to feel pain, the desire to live, and the desire to be free. He also wants to help increase the strength of the vegan community so they can grow and be better at liberating animals.

During his free time, Kshitij loves working out, exploring nature, playing sports, visiting sanctuaries, and exploring the many vegan restaurants in Southern California.