Leah Goodwin

Leah Goodwin was born in Nashville Tennessee and raised in Alabama by two hard working parents. She was taught to value her Christian faith first and foremost. Her family relocated to Texas in 1999 where she attended St. Mary’s University where she received her associate degree in computer networking and earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

In 2001 her son Zachary was born and she found her lifelong purpose of being a mother. In 2015 she discovered veganism and quickly turned her attention to animal rights. In San Antonio she was a co-organizer for Anonymous for the voiceless and lead several actions to raise awareness about the animals enslaved at Sea World. She co-created the first chapter of Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) in San Antonio. Leah took part in the first Meat the Victims event in the United States exposing the cruelty and horrific conditions inside a Tyson chicken factory farm in an effort to abolish animal exploitation.

In August of 2019 Leah and Zachary relocated to Los Angeles so he could pursue a career in film. Leah joined the activist community serving with several organizations in the area. She was named 2019 Outstanding Activist of the year by PETA for her efforts traveling to other counties and even organizing protests of her own in Los Angeles. She volunteered to be a part of the visual for PETA’s horseracing die-in and Chrysler/Iditarod protest at the Staples Center. She also volunteers on Skid Row to help the homeless community and fundraise to help those in need. In 2020 she was asked to serve on the board of the Animal Alliance Network. She hopes to make a positive impact with AAN and help others become vegan through education and a loving kindness approach. She believes she will see a vegan future in her lifetime and she lives to serve.