Sarah Wheatley

Sarah Wheatley grew up in Huntington Beach. Her parents instilled a love for animals in her very early on. They were both activists themselves and raised her to be vegetarian. Sarah always believed that vegetarianism was enough and that she wasn’t causing harm on her behalf. Being bullied in school for being different and constantly hearing from others how veganism is “extreme” kept her believing that. It wasn’t until 2012 that Sarah started to question herself, ultimately leading to making a most important connection. Being vegetarian simply wasn’t enough for her anymore. She realized there was no difference between the cruelty in eating an animal’s flesh versus consuming their milk and eggs. The urgency to change her lifestyle to a vegan one had reached a tipping point that she could no longer ignore. She only wishes it had happened sooner. Sarah now devotes her time to attending actions and vigils to help shine a light on the suffering brought on by animal agriculture that happens every single second around the world.

Sarah’s main goal in this life is to educate and help others make more compassionate, healthy choices so that our planet and future generations of ALL species are happier, safer, free, and equal.

Sarah now calls Westminster her home, where she lives with her family, humans and non-humans alike. Her day job consists of bookkeeping and medical care at a local rescue. In her spare time, you can find her doing anything artsy, caring for her companion animals, and volunteering wherever she can.