Slaughter Free Los Angeles Mission Statement:

Slaughter Free Los Angeles is a campaign launched in 2020 in partnership with slaughter free cities and the Save Movement, dedicated to helping end animal exploitation through grassroots activism and public education. The mission of Slaughter Free Los Angeles is to end slaughter in Los Angeles and surrounding cities for the benefit of animals, workers, communities and the planet. Slaughter Free LA is part of a larger Slaughter Free Cities campaign with the mission of creating chapters in various cities around the country and globe.

Our Core Values

  • We practice nonviolent grassroots activism and value bold ideas, reflection, learning, creativity and sacrifice.
  • We are not asking for better slaughterhouses; we are demanding they be closed, for reasons outlined in our 12-point case.
  • We believe that humans and all species deserve liberation. We cannot claim to value or experience true liberation as we oppress others, a principle expressed in Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.”
  • Our core message: Slaughterhouses are bad for everyone — animals, workers and communities. They have a devastating impact on public health, the planet and even undermine our struggles against prejudice, inequality, injustice, and violence.
  • We are focused on systemic change by confronting those in government and the private sector who have the power to meet our demands.
  • We are inclusive and engaging seeking common ground with other allies and movements.
  • We seek to help workers transition to other work and elevate the voices of marginalized communities.
  • In response to the climate emergency, we demand city officials promote a plant-based food system, not protect or subsidize slaughterhouses or any form of animal agriculture.
  • We continually build public support through our educational and outreach activities, especially in communities most impacted by slaughterhouses.
  • We strive to cultivate healthy, constructive and supportive activist communities that emphasize face-to-face interaction and limit social media to a logistical, recruitment and promotional tool.
  • We have a decentralized structure; Anyone who accepts and follows these core principles and values can take action in the name of Slaughter Free Cities.