The mission of the Animal Alliance Network (AAN) is to educate, take action, do outreach, and spread awareness on the daily atrocities animals endure due to human practices. We hope to aid in the effort to cease unsustainable practices, which often times result in cruelty to animals. One of our main objectives is to create a network under which all activists are able to unify and work together to reach our common goals.

We seek to collaborate with all animal rights groups, rescues, and sanctuaries in order to serve the victims of animal abuse as effectively as possible. We strongly believe that if all animal rights groups, charities, and rescues are united, we will be able to accomplish infinitely more for our causes.

All animal allies are welcome here and we hope that everyone might consider a vegan lifestyle in the future, if they are not already vegans. Veganism promotes a sustainable lifestyle and helps lead to the end of human practices like animal agriculture, which is causing exponential harm to billions of animals and the environment. We plan to embark on a new era of activism, saving the animals and this planet together!

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