Our vigils are usually the first Friday night of the month. Check our Instagram and Facebook for event pages or feel free to message us or email us for updated dates and times. We bear witness to the suffering of egg-laying hens by comforting them on the trucks they are transported on to a live market in downtown, Los Angeles, named Shang Lee Fresh Poultry Corp, where they will be killed. The chickens are packed into trucks together in small, crowded cages, often without room to move freely. They often arrive broken and deceased due to these traveling conditions. These chickens are usually raised in warehouses without windows, in their waste and that of the chickens before them. After they mature, their bodies are used to produce countless eggs, which are stolen from them for human consumption even though it causes them extreme stress because they may feel their babies have been taken from them. Even if they determine the eggs aren’t fertilized, most chickens will eat the eggs to replenish their body’s nutrients. After a few years of laying eggs nonstop in inconceivable conditions, they are sent to slaughter when they are no longer deemed profitable. For most this will be the first time they see the light of the sun, or breathe fresh air, as they are loaded onto these transport trucks, only to be taken into a dark little slaughterhouse where their lives will be taken from them.

We will wait for the delivery truck to arrive and after it stops, activists walk up to the truck and try to give the chickens any comfort they can by speaking to them in a soothing voice. We encourage activists to document what they are seeing and share on social media and with anyone they can. Please tag us on all posts so we can share your photos and videos too. The shame of our species is that we torture and kill such amazing creatures worldwide every second of every day. We hope our vigils will shed light on the truth for consumers. They will see these chickens suffering and they will stop eating them. If you are interested in attending a vigil in Los Angeles please email us at theanimalalliancenetwork@gmail.com.

For a vigil near you please find your nearest chapter at The Save Movement website.