Our vigils are every week on Wednesday nights. We bear witness to the suffering of baby pigs by comforting them and offering them water on the trucks they are transported in to a slaughterhouse in Vernon, California. Although the pigs appear large, they are only 4-6 months old on average. They are packed into trucks with over a hundred of them piled together often without room to move freely. These pigs are usually raised in warehouses without windows and the first time they see the light is when they are loaded onto these trucks.

They can travel for days without food and water although they usually drink 3-5 gallons of water per day. It is estimated that 2 billion pigs are raised for slaughter worldwide and 1.2 billion are slaughtered every year worldwide. At the particular facility we hold our vigils at in Vernon California there are 10,000 pigs killed every day that they slaughter. Pigs are the third most intelligent animal, often times smarter than dogs.

Activists will tell you that these pigs walk over when the trucks pull up. They are eager to drink the water activists offer them and many times they are curious and want to be pet lightly by the activists. The shame of our species is that we torture and kill such amazing creatures worldwide every second of every day. We hope our vigils will shed light on the truth for consumers. They will see these pigs suffering and they will stop eating them. If you are interested in attending a vigil in Los Angeles please email us at theanimalalliancenetwork@gmail.com.

For a vigil near you please find your nearest chapter at TheSaveMovement.Org.