Sergio Pinedo

Sergio Pinedo grew up in Riverside, CA. He has lived in LA since the summer of 2016. He transitioned to veganism on Jan 1, 2016, recently celebrating his 4 years of compassionate living.

Sergio transitioned to veganism the moment he saw footage of the dairy industry. He watched Earthlings and halfway through he paused it, breaking down with so many emotions of sadness for other animals. He felt disgusted and questioned, how he could be a part of this? How can humanity do this to animals? It made sense to him that he was even part of the suffering of other animals for consuming cheese. From that point on he swore off dairy products and any other products which cause the suffering of his fellow Earthlings.

When Sergio isn’t doing activism, he likes drinking kombucha, hanging out with fellow activists, and having some AMAZING VEGAN food!

The goal of his activism is to help others understand what makes so much sense to him. That animals aren’t here for use. That all creatures have the right to life free from harm.

Sergio’s mission in life is to not let animals that are suffering down by making sure their deaths don’t happen in vain. He strives to be an advocate for animal rights and by doing so help preserve the environment.